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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Pacific Lab Holdings embraces a remarkably sustainable approach to our current and future operations. We are passionate and dedicated to utilising technologies that help us maintain and improve sustainability in our business.

Our Achievements to Date


Electric Vehicles

So far we have 3 electric company vehicles and one electric forklift used for the purpose of lowering our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

As proven by the environmental Protection Agency of the US, the greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint is smaller in electric vehicles than gasoline powered vehicles, even when taking into consideration the electricity used for charging and manufacturing.

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100% Renewable Energy

All electricity consumed by Pacific Lab Holdings is 100% renewable energy as of 2020.  This encompasses our manufacturing site, two large warehouses, the Auckland head office and the Blenheim manufacturing office.

Our Future

Our Future

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Carbon Zero for ALL sites 

Stage one of our continuous development is to achieve carbon zero for all of our sites including manufacturing site, two warehouses, Auckland head office and Blenheim manufacturing office.


Suppliers at Carbon Zero

Stage two of our development is a focus on our suppliers and their carbon zero status. We will work alongside existing suppliers to get them to carbon zero and will prioritise new suppliers who have similar sustainability goals.


Energy Saving Software & Paperless Systems

Stage three of our sustainability rollout is the development and implementation of paperless systems and software that saves on energy costs and waste.


ALL Vehicles Electric

Stage four of our mission is to convert all of our fossil fuel based vehicles to electric.

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